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SCHNEEBERGER Product information/Expansion

February 2021

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The standard length of a gear rack is usually 1000 mm. During assembly, these are installed one after the other. Gear racks from SCHNEEBERGER, on the other hand, are available in lengths of up to 3000 mm (2000 mm for Q5). This inevitably leads to tolerances that are reflected in the form of a pitch error, which in turn leads to increased wear. With increasing axle length and the associated increasing number of gear racks to be installed, this error becomes even greater. The main benefit is:

  • Fewer gear racks have to be installed per machine axis. This reduces installation time.

  • By reducing the number of gear racks required, the pitch error is minimized, thus increasing the service life.

  • The price per meter of gear racks decreases with increasing length. This allows our customers to save money.

Furthermore, SCHNEEBERGER gear racks feature the option of any desired cross-section with different types of attachments, entirely according to the customer's requirements.

The excellent performance – and technical superiority– of SCHNEEBERGER gear racks are due to careful manufacturing, the company's many years of experience and the constant search for additional possibilities for optimization.


Potential applications vary widely. Whether linearly moving a machine tool gantry weighing several tons, positioning a laser cutting head at top speed or driving a jointed arm robot with maximum precision for welding operations – gear racks from SCHNEEBERGER ensure accuracy, dynamic motion and efficiency at all times.


As part of the further expansion of the SCHNEEBERGER Group, an additional site was founded in Poland. The new company SCHNEEBERGER Components Poland (SPO) officially started on November 19, 2020 and has already commenced operations, producing precision parts for the entire Group.

This means that the production footprint defined as part of the long-term strategy development is being consistently implemented and further developed.

Stefan Hantke (CEO SCHNEEBERGER Group): "With this measure, we have once again ensured that we actively support the growth of our customers in the long term. We are very pleased that we were able to win Mr. Boguslaw Czarkowski as Managing Director for this new company, a very experienced linear technology specialist with pronounced production expertise.

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